My only Issue with New Mordekaiser

So, I played old- old {{champion:82}} . The original. I was very unhappy with the old rework, as it made morde in the bot lane as a "melee adc" the optimal way to play around his w experience passive and his dragon passive, and he was kind of balanced around those two things, limiting his solo lane potential. His W was also nowehere near as good in a solo lane as in a duo lane, further pushing him into bot as either adc, or, more likely since people don't like a melee champ being the team's damage usually, support. I was especially disheartened by this because I played him mid. So, I am very happy that solo lane/jg morde is now the more dominant playstyle of his again. The only thing I was thinking was a special marker or some special animation to show that morde has ulted. It's strange that there is no particle effect or anything. I think maybe add a particle effect on the positions where morde and whoever he takes to t he shadow realm. Something kind of like a {{champion:163}} worked ground effect that only lasts the 7 or so seconds of his ult that indicates that he casted his ult, and only _that_ he casted, it doesn't need to show _who_ he casted on. This would make playing against him a little less confusing as right now he and his target just disappear without any tell.
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