DBZ explains why individual climbing and matchmaking is bad

You are better than the elo you are in, you want to climb. Sayians in Namek Arc explain this very well. You = Frieza Low Elo = Namek Saga You are playing the game, with confidence that you are going to win, but feeders? "hurr durr feeders exist in your team and the ennemy team not just your team" Ally feeder = Vegeta Ennemy feeder = Goku Goku and Vegeta fight and beat each other up a few times. They get stronger. Before you know it : https://i.imgur.com/bBQpcsg.gif[/img] Now Goku is strong enough to take down Frieza despite being weaker to begin with. Same thing happens when feeders feed off each other. and your individual impact is reduced to oblivion. If your lane opponnent decides to play safe and farm, or build full defence and you have feeders on both teams, you are screwed.

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