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Lurugo Oct 24, 2:26 PM PDT I recently spent a total of Two Hundred and Eighty (280) 'World 2019 Tokens' in the Event Shop while under the impression that they would be about to expire. It was not make clear to me as to when I would lose my hard earned tokens! I had been highly anticipating earning the 'Golden Chroma' for 'Championship Zed' (my favorite assassin champo) and was under the impression that I was no longer capable of earning additional "World 2019 Tokens" so in haste purchased the following items: - Frontier Devil Ward - What In Tarnation Emote - Immortal Journey 2019 Icon - Five (5) of 10 Blue Essence I would greatly appreciate if I could revive a refund for these items, even if it means I must revoke these items of epic proportion. Please and thankls! P.S. Thanks for playing Support for every Summoner out on the Rift of an entire Decade support.riotgames! P.S.S. Happy Halloween! Anjii (Riot Games Player Support) Oct 25, 10:11 AM PDT Hiya Lurugo, Anjii here to the rescue!~ Thank you for writing to us regarding your concern! Regarding about your concern, I hate to disappoint you but I won't be able to help you with your request. :( It was stated on the Worlds 2019 Shop that your Worlds Token will not expire until November 25,2019 at 11:00 a.m PT. As much as I would love to, I won't be able to assist you with doing a refund for those listed that you've enchanted. I hope you'll understand. While I wasn't able to help you directly if you'll need assistance again let us know! Anjii Riot Games Player Support "When you feel alone, just look up at the sky." Lurugo Oct 25, 9:13 PM PDT No problem, Anjii! I would now, however, like to bring up some feedback that’s been brewing on my mind for a good while now, pertaining to the development of Events, since I have partaken in several League of Legends Events and have used the various tokens I acquired through missions to accrue most every item available during my ventures with the amount of tokens I was granted through missions. That is until the most recent iterations of Events, including items which were priced exponentially higher than the figure I had ever been able to earn on out the Rift, wherein I was hardly able to earn enough for a handful of emotes OR a single variant of a champion’s chroma with the pittance I was granted! The amount of tokens to my distributed my mission and the frequency of new missions available was, to my discretion, inadequate to being able obtain the desired items available in the Event Shop. In addition to this, I feel as though the majority of missions are now uncomplicated enough to the extent that I no longer need to pay attention to the objectives laid out in most leading to them being auto-completed by simply playing a handful of games. There are most definitely means for more involved and intricate missions to be implemented during planned events; for the opportunity for players seasoned and inexperienced alike to be rewarded with a satisfying level of goodies; say for example a quest involving playing as Teemo in every role known to this planet!! I know there are dedicated players willing to push their limits and experiment with ways of testing their gusto with creative, ever new approaches! That is why I implore that greater focus is put into acutely improving the engagement the Events provide, as they are easily the most welcomed buff to League of Legends in history. It also would be no better time to for me to introduce an idea that would greatly impact the amount of appreciation reciprocated by long time supporters of League of Legends, who have spent increasing amounts of money on cosmetics and the like, over the course of potentially several years of commitment and love for Riot Games. I think it would be only natural if that level of dedication should be awarded with ample enough opportunities to receive a constant flow of new cosmetic items including skins; decals; emotes; map filters(?); icons; borders; pets; splashes; dances so on and so forth, all of which would previously be unobtainable unless one was surreptitiously pursuing previously propped property. I think it should not be held as a point of contention when considering just what amount was personally spent, so long as the support is demonstrably appreciated. Take for example crowd funding goals: individuals who afford more to the effort are awarded appropriately, I believe that in many ways sales of digital goods provide the same level of gratification from players who aim to keep the games they love live on the air! So the level of personal gain dedicated to supporting the ventures of Riot Games by countless individuals should inflected back towards them in the form of persistently amazing rewards, spectacular developments, and open hearts! Anjii (Riot Games Player Support) Oct 26, 5:51 AM PDT Hiya Lurugo, Anjii here, thank you for understanding our reasoning. About your feedback, I feel like smiling while reading it. I can really tell that you love the game. Thank you for letting me hear your thoughts. I personally agree that events should be more engaging to participate in it. However, as part of the Support Team, I won't be able to make changes to the game. For suggestions, feedback and such, you are free to express yourself in our Boards forum: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Our Dev team browses there from time to time, so there's a big chance where they'll be able to read your suggestion. I hope I was able to help you. If you'll need assistance again, feel free to reach out to us anytime! Anjii Riot Games Player Support "When you feel alone, just look up at the sky." Lurugo Oct 26, 1:34 PM PDT Thanks Anjii, I’ll take you up on that offer. Normally I don’t post on forums but you’re Shen R has encouraged me to put my first one up! If it would be alright with you I would like to post the majority of our conversation to https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/ and good luck out there for the both of us brom! ParanoidAndroid (Riot Games Player Support) Oct 27, 7:43 AM PDT Heyya Lurogo, ParanoidAndroid chiming in~ To hijack your previous conversation with Anjiii, I definitely feel your fervor towards our game, and I honestly love it! We really love working with players who share the same passion with us since we're all just gamers here :D You can definitely post that to Boards! Anjii had Shen R, and I got the zoomies! Yuumi W in Feedback like that definitely helps the Devs improve the game, and we wish we as Player Supports can participate more in those cases. So, see you on the Boards! Just let us know if you need anything else, alright? Have a good one <3 ParanoidAndroid Riot Games Player Support "Noot noot"-Pingu
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