So I stopped building Stormrazor on ADCs...

And you know what, it feels a little better. I just rush one BF into Shiv item, into IE. Yeah, you're still weak early, probably even weaker than you would at 1 item if you just bought Stormrazor. The difference is it speeds up your IE power spike greatly. With a cheeky brawlers gloves thrown in at the end (Which was buffed to 400 gold btw) You can sit at 80% crit with only 2 items and a brawlers. Even though the 1 item spike is a lot weaker than a Stormrazor rush, the 2 item spike is a lot stronger, at least in terms of dps. In those 20 minute stomps where you need to do something fast before the enemy breaks the nexus turret, getting 80% crit could really help your team out. I even go stormrazor 3rd item sometimes to get that extra burst damage. Imo, you should just rush crit as fast as possible unless you're playing Jhin, then worry about luxury items like Stormrazor after. If it doesn't give legitimate crit chance it's just a luxury item, same as Bloodthirster or something.
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