Sooo... are "simple" kits for new champions not an option anymore?

I don't know, i stated this many times but since Azir came out it seems like every New champion has to have some Strange/complicated/hard to udnerstand kit. Not saying that that's a problem for me.... but... Why? I don't get it. Riot itself said they wanted to return to less complicated champions, and Gypsylord himself said that Jhin is kinda middle ground of complexity. Then i saw Jhin kit. That IS NOT middle ground of complexity. Just look how long his passive is. Not only is really clunky to understand but it takes half screen. And anyway he is a complicated champion too after all. What i'm trying to say is that new players that try this stuff feel disoriented. While all of these champs feel very unique and powerful, you have to spend quite a bit of time before learning to play them just decently. New players do not want that always. And even i, who play this game since 2012 got kinda bored of having every champoion to be like a damn EINSTEIN PROJECT. ** Bare in mind this always riot: Compliated kits =/= fun to play Simple kits =/= noob champion** For example Cho Gath has a very simple kit, but he is fun as shit to play Garen is considered a noob champ? Whatever, but killing people with that Big Ass Sword coming from the sky screaming DEMACIA, IS FUN. Every champion since Azir got some strange stuff just to be "diverse" at the sake of playability for new players.
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