The game's less enjoyable than ever.

I think I started in like 2013 on an alt, created this account in 2016, and had more fun throughout than I had through this one season. I don't know what's ~~up Riot's ass~~ up with Riot recently, but... just, legitimately, I have had less fun this entire season than I have had with any other game, no matter what it was. Absolutely broken matchmaking with no statistics shown to explain why the fuck there's a high-MMR in my low/medium-MMR game. Ridiculous champion/item/summoner balance. Every game I play where it isn't an even match, I'm just sitting back saying "Very funny, Riot. Why the fuck am I still playing this pile of burning garbage? Oh, right, friends drag me back. What a waste of my fucking time." Rarely, if ever have I felt like I'm fighting someone whose testing my skills, and yet for some reason I have an odd fascination with fighting people equal to me: it's so fun, it's so ferocious, enjoyable. Every match, this season, feels like it's not my *personal skill* on the line, but my willingness to pick certain champions or play-styles (hi, 2v3 Bot!) I may not enjoy. Your game was popular in the first place was because it's *competitive* and a place to show off *your own personal aptitude* for a game you like/love. Balancing around the LCS (...when the LCS exists because of us players loving your game enough to climb to the top and **compete** with each-other in our own unique way (compare Dopa to Faker for reference)) will not work if no-one enjoys the game **itself**. All of us want an honorable, enjoyable, possibly-bloody fight - an actual fight with any number of other people or bots, and not a meta-fest. There's no fun in prey that can't fight back, right? That's part of why this season is so frustratingly-stupid. ...well, rant over.
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