Game currently feels like a coin flip

Did you get the better botlane? Here, have some LP. Some minor, further explanation; It's much harder to influence Botlane as an outsider now than it was in the past. TP's cast time is much higher than before making Bot-lane TP roams much less effective. Junglers can't power-level in the same way that they used to, so a fed Bot will generally be equal in levels to a fed Jungler, making it harder (if not impossible) for a Jungler to successfully gank for their losing botlane. Mid-Lane is generally camped to hell (because outside of top, it's the most accessible lane in the sense that it's much easier to camp a good top or mid out than it is to camp a good bot out, and junglers know this.) as a result Mid's generally aren't as strong in comparison to botlane as they used to be, nor are they as mobile, reducing their ability to effectively influence bot. To top it off many Assassins or burst champions have been nerfed, had their burst windows increased (to the point where some ADCs burst faster than them, lol), or have just fallen out of meta in general. In comparison, vision has never been stronger, ADCs powerspike at 1 and a half items, Supports do more damage (both due to the new runes, and also because of the lack of MR runes which almost every support benefits from as they tend to deal AP damage.) Support itemisation is really good, Bottom turret is the weakest turret in the game and gives more gold than ever before, and many champions that used to dump on ADCs have been nerfed, outright gutted, or have had their strengths and weaknesses shifted (i.e, Rengar, Evelynn,)
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