Being placed with players who are worse just because you're on a winstreak feels unfair

When I do well in ranked and go on a winning streak, Riot feels the need to challenge me. Now if they would match me AGAINST better players, that would be completely fine. But I don't feel like I'm losing cause I can't beat the better players I'm matched against. I feel, almost every single game after a good winstreak when Riot wants me down and out of their league, that I lose because I got god awful teams. When your toplaner goes 0/10 in 20 minutes its not YOU that is bad, and its not YOU that should be punished for it, yet this is how it is. Climbing doesn't feel like climbing as much as it feels like crawling out of a closing hole, you have to get out while you can or it will swallow you. Just my two cents.
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