Sightstone didn't need to be removed-change my mind

After about 4 months of not playing due to my frustration with how Riot balances the game (new runes, broken champs, etc.), I came back to find no sightstone in my shop, with their reasoning being "It takes up 2 item slots for a support to feel like a support" (paraphrased). So their solution was to take away the items that made the support feel like a support and make them into quests. Quests where you need to CS to earn a sightstone. Not quests where you need to get a certain number of assists, or roam any amount of times, but quests that actually make it harder to roam because you need to decide to go mid and help out your struggling mid laner or to grab a few more CS to earn map vision. Does anyone else feel like this changed the game for the far worse?

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