Aery has no niche. Its just free damage/shielding. Other keystones have niches to them.

Comet: is dodgeable and has to land on the enemy Electrocute, phase rush, press the attack: attack enemy three times to activate (each of them has a different outcome so i think theyre unique enough) Fleet footwork: charges up and then procs Lethal tempo: has a delay, can ignore attack speed cap Klepto: you have to use an ability, then autoattack soon after (why the fuck can gp/illaoi/nasus/ezreal etc proc it without having to autoattack) Glacial augment/summoner specialist: i think we can all agree these are pretty niche, no need to explain it Guardian: procs WHEN THE ENEMY DOES SOMETHING, as opposed to when you do something Revitalize: has different effects based on who is recieving the heal Aftershock: you have to be near the enemy, have to cc them, and its delayed Dark harvest: can be stacked, only procs after a kill/large minion or monster kill Predator: you have to actively activate it, it works off your boots, it has a channel **Aery: Extra damage and shielding. Nothing else.** Aery is the only one without a niche. **TL;DR**: Aery is so generic, its basically a stat-stick. I believe its unhealthy for the game and should be reworked.
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