Some clear cases where the item designers didn't learn from past mistakes

{{item:3128}} Needed to be removed because simply giving a burst champion more damage to their target for the duration of their burst doesn't make sense. If one champion needs more damage for their burst, they need buffs. Having it on an item means you have to hand out nerfs. {{item:3147}} While the method is different, the outcome is the same. ***** Needed to be removed because ranged champions aren't supposed to have the fallback of buying spellvamp to overcome champions who get close-up. (And due to Swain and Vlad, but they were adjusted accordingly anyway so it made no difference to them) The wiki specifically states that it was due to the fact only Swain and Vlad bought it regularly, which is similar to Gunblade's current state. {{item:3146}} Meanwhile, gunblade remains in the game despite _also_ only being bought by two champions, Kat and Akali, champions who thanks to their incredible mobility and high damage also shouldn't get the fallback of healing all their HP if someone closes in. Like Will, which most AP champs didn't buy, the only other champions who could realistically buy it, Jax and Kayle, rarely do-- while other champs that might such as Kai'sa, Ezreal, or Diana, never do. ***** "Needed" to be removed because it provided too much of an advantage if you happened to get crits early in the game. {{item:3095}} So they decided that the solution was to instead guarantee said crits and give an extra bonus on top of them.
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