Look at this clip of Wukong's monstrous dmg!!!11!

"Wukong players report him feeling good right now"
"Wukong players report him feeling good right now" - Clipped by Vaeskiii
"Wukong is on a strong side" - Meddler 2018. His Q literally deals +10 dmg lvl 1 with 0% ad ratio, AND that's after they nerfed his E and runes too. I don't even want him to get buffed dmg wise, I just want riot to acknowledge they're straight up lying when talking about Wukong and **give him a proper rework**/passive after not touching him for 4 fuckin' years. Jax/Irelia/Camille are all broken as fuck for the whole season with insane dmg while also being tanky, meanwhile wukong can only build full ad and one shot or die. And in the jungle you get fucked by any dmg jungler and invaded all the time, and now they're also nerfing tiamat lol yeah wukong can say goodbye to any lane except mid lane in some specific cases.
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