All these unbalance posts on the front page make me feel old in terms of my League experience.

So many people are upset about balance now and days, saying this season is unbalanced as it has ever been. There's a guy up there who said he was around since Season 3, and yadda yadda yadda. These younger League players (in terms of years played not actual age) didn't know what it was like back then. Back in the dark ages. During old League, there wasn't really a team. There were five players on a team, and five players on an enemy team. You took turns slugging it out on the jaw before one team died and you won the game. Jax used to be unkillable, with free dodge chance and the ability to dodge fountain shots with his E. Tryndamere used to be able to use his ult to survive fountain shots too. Feral Flare was basically Devourer, but even worse to go up against. I bet half you new fish don't even remember what Ninja Tabi used to do. Ever wonder why Ninja Tabi gives you armor, despite being called "Ninja" and having the blur effect behind them in the icon? Those used to give out dodge chance. Release date Darius was a terror to behold, Master Yi could build full AP, heal everything you dealt at him with his Meditate and then proceed to kill you anyway. LeBlanc and Kassadin both had silences, and could both lock you in a silence tornado of CC before snuffing your pathetic candle of a life out with a fucking tsunami. I get it, balance is kind of wonky right now. Actually, it is REALLY wonky. But when you play for so long, you see the patterns and the changes. People always complain about balance, people always complain about champions they deem overpowered, people always cry over the smallest of things. This game used to be so simple. But over the years it evolved, and became more and more complex. You might as well rename the game "League of Math" for how much arithmetic I need to do in order to properly calculate if X amount of skills will deal Y amount damage to remove Z amount of health and win the duel. Evolution may seem bad, jarring at times. Sometimes Riot seems to throw darts at a wall of post-it notes with balance information on it blind folded and implements it into the game. But you just have to roll with the punches. Speak up against unjust things, but don't scream. A sane man on the street'll ignore you if you scream at him as apposed to talk to him. And that's just what the men and women at Riot are, people. They'll make mistakes. You have to see them not as a massed together gray blob known as "Rito Game" but as individual people trying their damnedest to keep a successful company running, and maintain a healthy relationship with the player base. **AUTHOR'S NOTE:** This is, to be honest, an extremely heartfelt post. I don't know if that'll stop you from downvoting me or just leaving me to the abyss of obscurity, but please try to consider what I have just said. I just realized today that I have played this game for six years now. Six fucking years. I wanted to make this post to explain my feelings. The feelings of someone who thinks that maybe the mindset of the original generation of League players is outdated and does the game more harm than good now and days. Try to have fun out there, okay? -Solomon EDIT: Front page. Thanks.
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