Riot simply doesnt want bruisers in the game

Press the attack nerf + bruiser keystones
I have absolutely no idea what so ever why riot is nerfing the ONLY KEYSTONE BRUISERS CAN USE!. Tanks have multiple choices, as do adc's, as do mages, as do assasins. Even utility supports have variety in what they pick. First riot fucks us bruiser mains over by only giving us one viable keystone,making that keystone a shitty fervor, then because its ''op'' on adc's they NERF THE ONLY KEYSTONE THAT WORKS FOR BRUISERS. BECAUSE IT WORKS ON ADC's BETTER.Why dont you, you know, make it worse for adc's? we get fucked over once because riot doesnt want bruisers, then they fuck us over again with a pathetic excuse of it being too strong on ranged,and melee receiving no compensation, and finally,FINALLY, they BUFF TWO AD CARRY RUNES. They make press the attack average on bruisers but OP on ranged, nerf press the attack because its op on ranged, but make bruisers even worse, then buff Lethal Tempo and Fleet Footwork to give ad carries their secondary options even more strength, so they have something to go, and leave NOTHING FOR BRUISERS. Hashinshin covers this perfectly. Riots balance team has 0 top lane mains, and in their adc and support based minds they thoroughly believe its a tank lane, and bruisers should not be around. Its blatant favoritism, and it honestly needs to be fixed. Introduce an old fervor, or some kind of TLD alternative that scales off of BOTH HEALTH AND BONUS AD. It doesnt take a genius to fix this problem, just someone who is competent

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