Devourer was broken, but at least it added build diversity....

Devourer was the pioneer for on hit builds. It was strong, sure but it opened the game to on hit builds. I used it on the likes of {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:110}} . It really added a unique build path. But then it was reworked into rageblade and now on hit builds are almost none existant. Rageblade made devour into such a niche item that very few champs can use it. {{champion:131}} and {{champion:245}} can't build devourer any more because they don't have ad scaling, but they do have great on hit passives that could benefit. Rageblade is almost never built. Only {{champion:10}} and very few champs use it. I think this is because the item closed off a lot of champs who weren't hybrids. And on top of that, it kinda hard to maintain a fully stacked rageblade. IDK, on hit builds are kinda dead to me. I feel riot went in the wrong direction with devourer. I know it was strong and needed to be nerfed, but rageblage is not working.
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