Seriously, am i the only one here who thinks that nerfing 1/3 of MF's E wasn't a good idea?

They said it was because her E worked too well with Thunderlord's, yet they're never going to nerf Zed, who can proc thunderlord's with his W-e-q alone which is toxic af. And also the fact that EVERY AP Miss Fortune mains are probably really f***ing pissed as of right now. Being an AP Shaco main, i know what it's like to play a certain champion a way that not many people play, RIOT never pays attention to champs who can build both AP and AD. If they nerf a champion, they will focus on the build that most players use, and not give any sh*t about the other, less used build, and it's starting to get really annoying. Every patch i fear that Shaco's damage is going to get gutted without taking his AP side in consideration, and it just happened to AP Miss Fortune, which is another champion that i like playing. This has to change, i shouldn't be worrying about when my main is going to get gutted because some dude at RIOT didn't think about the consequences it would have on players who don't use the mainstream build on a champion. With hope, Shac Norris, fellow AP Shaco main.
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