Meddler addresses high damage, doesn't understand what the community is saying

From Meddler's July 27 notes in the Dev Corner > That combination of some tanks (jungle and top struggling) and lower general appeal means **metas occur, such as the present one, where there are few tanks being played. That contributes to damage feeling high for a couple of reasons.** Teams without tanks lack a front line, so tend to get burst more due to the lack of soak/zoning. Metas without tanks also mean it's more likely that each team has 4, or even 5, damage threats on it as well though, especially if enchanters (the main other non damage group) are also being played less. Even if any individual champion’s damage isn’t any higher the game's going to feel much more lethal when there are 1, or even 2, more high damage champs per team. Ok yea less tanks means a feeling of more damage in team fights, but this isn't what we are referring to when we say damage is too high. Now when i'm getting 1 shot by a 6/0 khazix 3 levels up and our team doesn't have a tank, sure that's our fault and I'm ok with that. **What we are referring to are 1v1 situations where a 0/0/0 level 3 champion can 1 shot you from 100% health if they land for example just 1 stun.** No longer can you strategize (which is a big part of what makes league fun) after he lands his combo and say "ok now I should farm under turret and wait for my jungler" or "I should back and give up a wave since I lost that trade pretty badly". You just die instantly. If you think I'm exaggerating, let's take lvl 3 {{champion:63}} vs {{champion:51}} {{champion:51}} lvl 3 615 + 80 (from {{item:1055}} ) health 30 MR 33 armor {{champion:63}} lvl 3 AD 63 AP 35 (15 from {{item:1056}} and 20 from sorcery) Brand Passive: 174 damage (12% + 13% max health as AP damage) Brand E: 70 +12 (from AP) damage Brand Q: 80 + 19 (from AP) Brand W: 75 + 21 (from AP) + 25% total W damage Scorch: 30 Arcane Comet: 38 + 7 (from AP) ignite: 130 2 autos (assuming you can get 2 autos in with your combo which is reasonable): 126 Add that up: 704 Magic damage from everything before ignite 126 AD from autos 130 true damage from ignite Minus resistances: {{champion:51}} takes 539 magic damage (23.5% reduced from magic damage) 94.5 AD (25% reduced damage from AD) 130 ignite Let's assume {{champion:51}} even has {{summoner:7}} luckily! 695 health + 78 health from {{summoner:7}} (assuming grevious wounds from ignite)- 763 damage from brand = 10 hp {{champion:51}} in ONE SINGLE COMBO Ok sorry he didn't one shot her from full health with heal in one combo. So I guess you can strategize against it. ** You can miss a wave and back every time brand or even a single minon hits you with 1 auto, otherwise the next combo will kill you, you're feeding and it's your fault not the balancing team's.** PS Before I get these types of responses, obviously you can dodge brand's abilities but i'm saying if he does hit his full combo, which basically comes down to landing his stun which isn't some ridiculous possibility. Also caitlyn would probably have heal which would BARELY save her (again this is already assuming you are FULL HEALTH), but that's just one example. **The health + resistances are about the same for atleast 50 other champions that would take ignite over heal and then would just die.** **_IMO from even the most bursty champions, at lvl 3 0/0/0 one combo + ignite should do around 65% health, maximum. Not 99% health after healing which is what this calculation came to without exaggeration._** Edit: I guess I somehow forgot passive damage, so actually she died without heal lol. I edited the post for that. This is what I had gotten before, just to provide context for some of the replies: > 695 health - 647 damage from brand = 48 health caitlyn >
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