So is no Rioter going to come forward about the decrease in Sona's Q range to 650 from 700?

It's been 700 since she was released 4 years ago all up until the rework she had, it was changed with no intention to do so, nothing about her range being reduced was said And now we are being told that is was always 650 range Sona players see the difference, heck even non Sona players see it, in almost every Sona balance thread the core thing discussed is her decreased range on her Q Why does Sona need 700 range Q's? because it's the only time she can surely poke without getting smashed with a ton of auto attacks, mainly VS Cait and Ashe We want clarity on this subject, with the whole "we listen to the community" thing you keep sprouting off, where is the listening? Explanations as to why it ended up reduced in the first place and hopefully some confirmation that it will be reverted back to the range she has had the entire span of her existence in this game Other then her Q range inconsistencies I have nothing else to complain about Sona other then "muh downgraded Arcade skin" her balance would be great if she had her strength of harassing reimbursed.
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