Picking your champ before your opponent in toplane is just a death sentence for your laning phase

Counterpick meta has been at its strongest in the recent months/years and pretty much every questionnable balance decision Riot makes just makes this problem even bigger each time. You can't pick a champion based on your appreciation/experience either if you pick second since you basically HAVE to pick a counter to the opponent to make every chances yours. Even {{champion:92}} , the single most broken champion in the game right now, has been forced upon her {{champion:58}} and {{champion:78}} as direct and unavoidable counters. So, even if you pick first and you chose the safest option you have, **you WILL get counterpicked and get your laning phase taken away from you if the opponent knows whats up**. How is this enjoyable? How is this even BALANCEABLE? Toplane is now a huge net of interconnected counters each more broken than the last and pretty much every change done to one of them just makes it even more problematic. You can't even first pick your favorite champion anymore and get to enjoy the game at all for the first 10 minutes or so, IF you get any fun out of the game at all. Counterpick meta is just another reason to name toplane the "boring lane", yet nothing has been done about it for so long.
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