Can we get an option to change pings a bit?

Here's what I am suggesting and why: 1. **The sound for pings is jarring. Please give us the option to pick some other sounds. ** Ergonomic research into airline cockpits found that similar alarms actually were discomforting for pilots and causing them to freeze before responding. It's not surprising that some people turn off pings of teammates given the poor sounds used for the pings. 2. **The question mark ping needs to be changed.** Experience with ragers often use the "?" ping as a means of expressing displeasure with a teammate because they see the question mark as being akin to the "?" used in comic books. Why not use something like this? []( 3. **Give us a jungler ping.** A nice big yellow-green dot on the map would be so helpful in allowing us to track the jungler. Right now, we have no way to communicate his location (or where we think his location currently is). If we are playing with players who "/mute all", then at least give us a chance to give them the information that the jungler is in their vicinity or in the other area of the map. It makes literally no sense to use the warning pings to indicate that the jungler is on the botside of the map when we want to take baron. 4. **Can we increase the size of the minimap a bit? ** When the icons get overlaid on the minimap, we can't tell who is there unless we deliberately move our entire area viewed directly over the area? (I'll shelve my campaign to get a minimap toggle for targetting back for the moment, if we could get the above addressed?)
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