Alternative win conditions for ARAM!

Every gamemode I’ve played revolves around taking the enemy nexus, so it would be cool to have different methods of winning the game... especially in ARAM! Think of a 1v1 setting, you have 3 options of winning the game: • 1st blood • 100 CS • Destroy the 1st turret Alternative win conditions, if done correctly, might bring some life to aram. • Slayer match to 50 kills or 200 CS • Slay the dragon (dragon spawns in the middle of the lane at 15 min, whichever team kills it wins) I know these options (especially the CS win) would be hard to balance and aren’t original. I’m just throwing ideas out there and would love to hear your ideas/feedback! Also, I really like aram for two reason: • hella a lot of skirmishes • fast-paced games and I think alternative win conditions could help those two aspects out a lot!
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