Annoying Doesn't Always Mean Broken

I think when it comes down to it, we call champions "broken", "overpowered", or "overloaded" because they're so annoying to fight. Just because a champion is annoying, doesn't mean they're actually powerful, but there is always the possibility of that. Even if a champion isn't overpowered or anything, being unfun to fight is just as big a problem. People play this game for fun, right? It's hard to have fun when fighting an annoying champion, like for me I have to say that {{champion:157}}, {{champion:51}}, and {{champion:67}} are all very annoying champions to fight. And while I tend not to think of the champions as overpowered, I think they should have changes to be less annoying for those fighting them. Even if it's fun or flashy or $LCSBIGPLAYS$ for one person, doesn't mean it's fun for the other. What I'm trying to get at is that the community should know when a champion is actually broken, or if they're just annoying. And for Riot too, so they know that they don't necessarily have to nerf a champion that's annoying, but change their kit to be less annoying through mini-reworks like {{champion:102}} and {{champion:12}}. (OK, maybe Shyv was a bad example of being less annoying, but the point still stands)

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