Dear Plats who got demoted to silver

I don't wanna play with you, you don't wanna play with me, I want to get back to gold, you want to get back to plat, let's make this a less painful process, stop flaming the shit out of my bot lane if they lose, it demotivates them into no longer wanting to play, please stop begging for twenty four seven camps for you play "a sick as fuck tryndemere or camille, riven etc etc", and if i decide to camp another lane that's not yours, please stop running it down mid saying "that's what shit jungler gets for trolling me" I am not trolling you for i didn't decide to camp for you, I simply see a more viable strategy by getting either bot ahead or placing vision into the enemy jungle. We all want to climb, I get it, your pissed about being demoted to silver, I am to. So let's just shut up, play and climb. Your toxicity doesn't make the process any easier.
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