Unpopular Opinion: Enchanters as a class aren't well designed, period

Catchers: Most of their core strengths come from shit that takes a bit of coordination and aim to pull off. {{champion:497}} : Pretty much sports a combo's worth of dashes to position himself in the thick of it, only to come sprinting out. {{champion:412}} : The original "high skill cap" support. {{champion:53}} : Isn't subject to much nerfing/buffing because the value in him as a whole is centered around a move that inherently has counter-play. Tank supports (Vanguards/Wardens): Not as many "LC$ BIG PLAY$" as catchers, but their core strengths also have counter-play to them. {{champion:201}} : Warden that body-blocks incoming projectiles, with a dash to get in position. For offense, there's a stacking mechanic that leads to hard cc. {{champion:12}} : Vanguard that throws himself into the fray and shakes up everyone around him. Got tweaked quite heavily from season 5 to be in a very appreciable balancing spot today. {{champion:44}} : He's part Enchanter, but his core strengths in games lies in his ult and usage of his W to land his E stun. There's very high variance in his E and ult based on positioning and timing. Enchanters: Low counter-play magic casters that spam one button all game for *most* of their appreciable contributions, save Nami. {{champion:40}} : Where's the counter-play to anything Janna does? We get that defense is a niche to fill, but Janna's TOO good on reaction, and coin rewards a low-interaction play style, which basically rewards her for doing jack shit besides pressing E. {{champion:37}} : No counter-play to anything in her basic kit. Either she loses too much ground before she gets her Ardent/Athene's core, or she doesn't and she runs you over in team fights while giving her whole team a constantly present Censer boost to maul you with. There's no appreciable middle-ground to her game play as is (but no one really wants to talk about that). {{champion:16}} : Already got worked over heavily during season 6 for lacking counter-play, and now coin has her reappearing as a problem case. One again, she's too centered on her defensive value in healing and healing some more, with nothing to do *outside* of this one core strength that's impossible to play around outside of "kill her". {{champion:117}} : Literally only Q can miss on this champ, and you can even put it right on top of the enemy so it'll most likely not miss. Whereas the other types of supports in this game have appreciable variance in their overall output, many enchanters do *not.* Their game play revolves around simply shielding or healing someone or multiple people repeatedly. The enchanter class as a whole needs major work if we want to avoid dumpstering the fuck out of enchanter items to bring them in line. And I better see *at least* you Karma QQ'ers on here. I know you're out there. Karma basically got turned into a massive shield bot, and there's threads about players' dissatisfaction with that *all the time* on the boards. Make a ruckus with me. Edit: Just to be clear, here, I'm not saying "Defensive champs should gtfo". I'm saying "The implementation of most enchanters in the game is pretty lack-luster and one-dimensional". Edit 2: So some people are thinking I don't play enchanters or I hate them. *Solely for setting the record straight before people keep commenting with that type of reply:* https://i.gyazo.com/0a7c344ea123617951f1ae78186810e6.png
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