Senna NEEDS to be given a HARSH choice. DAMAGE or UTILITY.

As most of us know, ADC Senna has a 54% wr. Everyone has their own thoughts as to why, BUT this post isn't about the why. It's about a realization that Senna has NO real tradeoffs between her damage and utility. I want to highlight just how advantaged she is and I'll do so by comparing her to Draven. Draven is a lanebully with practically ZERO utility in exchange for the fact that he outputs HIGH damage. His DMG ranking is 18/40 of the champions played in the ADC role. For reference, that ranking is better than Kai'Sa, Jinx, and Lucian's. You want to know what Senna's DMG ranking is? 10/40!! Why does a champion(Senna) with so much utility outdamage a champion(Draven) WITHOUT any? Then, it GETS worse. Not only does she outdamage him, she also outheals him. She ranks number ONE in healing among the ADC role. Why? How is this fair? What's her tradeoff? Being immobile? Draven and Jinx are immobile too, yet neither gets these ridiculous perks. Now I'm about to blow your minds here. The main downside to being immobile is that it means you're easy to catch and kill right? So following this logic, Senna should die about as often as Draven(12/40 most deaths among adcs), Jinx (29/40 most deaths), or Varus(20/40 most deaths). Senna sits at 40/40. This means she is the **SAFEST CHAMPION ** to play in the ADC role! She is safer than Ezreal(37/40), Xayah(34/40), AND Kai'sa(32/40). This also isn't just an issue about ADC Senna, Support Senna also does a disproportionately high amount of DMG for a champion with so much utility and healing. What I want Riot to do is force her to choose. Utility or DMG. She cannot have both AND her safety. Either gut the heals, the DMG, the CC and stealth, OR the cooldowns if you insist on her having it all. Being immobile DOESN'T mean a champion can't be OP.
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