Nerf katarina please (or gunblade) just a bit damage down :)

Her current dagger scaling in my opinion is a tad bit high + gunblade active regardless when i get it is just too much damage if i get it at minute 6 while being crazy fed it still deals so much damage (just the active not its stats) if i get it at minute 14 while being behind it still is too much damage (from the active) If katarina is near top winrate midlane then that is a bad bad sign just trust me when i say it, we all know how "fun" she was when she reached pick ban status right after her mini rework. :/ literally blew people up level 2 without ignite xd hence why i still pick barrier with her. Either kat passive scaling needs to be lowered a bit or gunblade active damage needs to be lowered a bit nothing crazy just a bit damage down. (this post has been brought to you by a katarina main who plays nothing but katarina ,-,)
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