Of cource I have to get demoted into a lower division for one player's mistakes.

Mute won't ever do. Do I have to lose my promos and get demoted for some dumbassez mistakes and other players faults and afks? I don't think so. If you have 0 lp and someone goes afk after 3 minutes in, do I have to get demoted to a lower division. Every lane I fkn play, is it not good. I have to play 2 lanes at once to make players fkn happy. Is it normal like this. If I win 5 fkn games till i get in promos without any loss, and in promos trolls afks feeders and toxic people are welcomed, do I not deserve to win the promos? Also, this post has been deleted. I wonder why. DId I not explain myself good enough for every mistake this game has? Also, this guy called The Nocturne God said that players are happy about ranked games in a proportion of even 90% How many times players have been happy playing ranked games? About 75% to 90% of the time, dependent on patches.... not teammates. Which is the bigest lie I ever head form a Riot guy. There are so many fkn lies and deceivings, dumbing us down and wanting to make us happy witth the game at the stage that it is when it literally suckz, in terms of bugfixing and hitboxes and minion blocks and just random travel around the map, dissapearing champions for no reason, level up bugs, minions changing targets like idiotss and sooooo OOON.
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