After seeing Camille's Champion Spotlight

* untargetable * 3 stuns * extremely high damage * a low cooldown instant-cast Zac jump (range and stun) * sustain * true damage * %hp damage * on-hits on towers * AA timer resets * a Yasuo shield with half the cooldown scaling off max hp (can easily see this making Tank Camille viable since she has so much loaded into her) * an ultimate that allows her to all-in you with no counterplay or way of escaping, before or after she ults, if she has the slightest advantage At what point is she weak?** What does she not have**? Being melee isn't a legitimate reason due to her mobility. All I could see for a counter is to chain-cc and focus her if she's stupid enough to get caught out. This is how I see it going down at top lane. If enemy laner is ahead: 1. She is pushed to tower at 1/4 HP, enemy laner is full HP. Enemy laner cannot take tower nor kill Camille under threat of being ulted by Camille and stuck under the tower.(even if they dive her and kill her because her ult persists through death). If Camille is ahead: 2. Camille leaps across the map with her E and then presses R on enemy top laner if they leave their tower for half a second, then dead. If lane is even: 3. Camille leaps into their face and stuns them 3 times, then presses R. Friendly jungler has enough time (4-7 seconds of being unable to run away) to walk into the lane without the enemy running away, even if he sees the enemy jungler coming. With her ult giving her bonus damage, she could probably 1v1 any champion at top regardless, but just in case the jungler can come in and save the day since the enemy can't run away.
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