@Riot How Will Plants Spawning Work?

I know WHERE they spawn will be random (with set locations of course), but how else do they spawn? What I think would be the healthiest is if it worked like this: 1. Game begins 2. Set amount of time passes 3. One of each plant spawns on each side of the map at a random yet set location (plants of each type can spawn in one of X locations) 4. Jungler goes to kill plant and does 5. Plant has X respawn time 6. After X amount of time, plant respawns at a random one of it's pre-determined spawn points, providing a 30 second warning where it is a seedling that can't be destroyed before it spawns 7. Go to Step 4 Basically, are each plant's respawn timers individual or does a whole crop of new plants spawn every X seconds? Is it like Monster Respawn Timers or Rune Respawn Timers in Dota?
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