Can we finally acknowledge that supports are underpowered?

Yes they are all around 50% winrate but that is because each game has 2 supports on top of that there are few games where supports win by default because there are people which would rather go double mid then support Now hear me out If lets say you have 4 Plat player and 1 newbie who just hit level 30 whats the role he is going to hold back your team the least? Yeah its the support If you give the new player Mid and he picks IDK Orianna or whatever even if your godamn support is madlife you ll have lower chance to win then to put the new player on support Supports have the weakest influence on the game. Weakest gold gain and weakest exp gain The chance for carrying the game as a support is the lowest INB4 someone say But I hooked this guy .... adadhadasa YEAH great Guess what ADC/MIDLANER/JUNGLER/TOPLANER did 5 times more.. they had bigger influence Basicly What I am trying to say is. Support role needs a buff globally Maybe Deny minion every once in a while masterie Exp per level masterie (If you are around allies with higher level we used to ahve that) Buff their gold inc items masteries buff them directly Just godamn buff them.. Thats it
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