Jesus all the top win rate champion for jungle are damage/burst champion.

Shows how bad the game is at it's current state especially when you ignore all the damage you put that it makes tank champion feel relevant that they have no impact. The rate that champion's do damage to delete tanks are crazy that it feels like tank champion I play feel worthless all because you nerf tank champions damage when "ADC main" cry about the damage on them even though they build all damage items. Seriously ADC should not be doing 200 damage to a tank every auto especially with just {{item:3031}} while tank items cost a lot that aren't even cost effective at all until you start to build you're 3rd item which gives you MR or more armour + HP. Tanks become effective when they get their 3rd-4 item where as ADC/Top/Mid champ are already effective at their 1st item. This is 80% of the time but tank have to build a dumb {{item:3068}} which isn't even good because it stops you from even autoing turrent because of the damage that cause turrent to aim on you if you are near enemy champion we can't even turn it off.
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