Tahm the piece of shit kench needs to be put into the nerfed until rework bin

I'm so tired of this fucking champion. You hate having him on your fucking team because he can easily troll you and throw you at the enemy. You hate facing him because he is beyond overloaded. CC levels out the door. Tank/shield/hp out the fucking door. Damage levels for someone building sunfire cape as a starting item, out the fucking door. You can't give fucking tanks everything. You fucking can't, why can't fucking riot understand this. His cc is so far above excessive, it's stupid. His tanking is r%%%%%ed. His attack speed is actually mental. One AS item and he's faster than most melee champions. His tongue doing an easy 700-900 magic damage in the lower levels is r%%%%%ed. his constant slows and inability to escape from him is stupid. No matter what champion I have taken into a tahm, it's always the same shit. Crush this piece of shit already.
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