{{item:3084}} 800 health +100% health regen heal 300 health over 5 seconds on a takedown I think if the item built out of {{item:3105}} {{item:1011}} {{item:3801}} instead and had a passive that made the champ do a bit less damage but have a bit of tenacity with 100 health over 5 seconds +10 per level on takedown with the health lowered to 600 and a bit of magic resist and armor that tanks would have a much better time overall (and yes not on tree line in the actual summoners rift) (Edit 1, tenacity removed currently has 600 hp, 30 armor and mr, 100% health regen, self damage stat reduction (but doesn't effect health scaling damage abilities like braum q, sej w, etc), and a unique passive of healing 100+10(per level) health on a takedown over 5 seconds)
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