The reason Dark Harvest is actually too busted. And it's not the damage.

I don't want to make this too long and I really hope Riot reads this. The fact that just bringing champions to > half health procs Dark Harvest is too strong. Dark Harvest needs a rework to only go off if you damage a champion after they go below 50%. That damage needs to be limited to auto attacks, champion abilities, summoner spells and active items while excluding D.O.T BUT including the first tick or the initial damage that causes it. I'm not sure where to put scorch but this rune is cancer with dark harvest and poke champions. No one should be able to land an AA, like Teemo, especially with an Item like Liandry's, or a point and click, like Pantheon with Scorch and Corrupting Potion, and just sit back while dark harvest is proc'd. I was going to write this like 2 days ago and i've forgotten half of what I was going to write but IMO this needs to be fixed. I normally do a lot of troll posting but i'm 100% serious on this. If you have anything to add about something I may have missed I'd really like to read it and If you know how to get a riot balance team employee to read this I'll love you forever. Thanks for reading :) IMPORTANT EDIT: I forgot to add certain things and this is more important than DOT. Abilities like Jhin's q SHOULD NOT do multiple DH stacks of damage! Do you know how many bronze Jhins are running around with 25 kills 50 stacks of DH because if you kill some one with your q it does dh damage to the next champion along with his ult?? Dark Harvest should only work ONCE per ability which kind of goes hand in hand with the rest of the post. ankoanko19 makes a great point as well. They don't like how it resets on assists and this reminds me of a point I wanted to make. If they're going to make DH reset, they need to have all runes reset on kills and assists. There is no arguing this point AT ALL. They need to change it to reducing the cool down of DH on kills and assists. Maybe more of a cd for kills than assists, who knows, but not resetting like it's previous version. P.S. I'm not salty about these 2 champions and being able to abuse DH.. I've been abusing it and it's just not fair. I've only reached plat 1 last season but i'm beating diamond 3+ players on my alt on a server with 200 ping. that should tell you something.
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