With balance, Riot is SO REFRESHING compared to Blizzard

Lots of people here give Riot a hard time for balance and design choices, and that's just to be expected since it's a video game and this is its forums. However coming from sc2 some months ago, I have to say... Riot kicks the shit out of the sc2 team. Reading the 7.4 patch notes addressed everything I had been thinking myself about the game. Which is probably what most people thought in general as its what you usually read about here. Too much damage = mastery changes Lethality/armor cleave hurts = nerf youmoos and rework cleaver I love teemo = scanners and wards dont make my ult useless Too much snowbally and gangbang bot = less first turret gold fuck maokai, ryze and corki = nerf them Now back to sc2. There are still massive problems in the game which were _there since day one of LOTV beta._ Problems which blew my mind they made it into the released game. Problems which are simply ignored, then they rework some random unit and cause more problems. They have a totally different vision of what makes a "fun" map and put maps which everyone hates on ladder (which is evident by their average quality ratings people give them compared to the great maps). Plus it feels like they don't even playtest them, seeing as sometimes they will release a map where _larger units cannot fit through certain choke points on the map_ and just glitch out. Not only do they cause all these problems and seemingly fix none, they balance patch only 2 or 3 times per year PLUS they communicate about it poorly too. Where riot has explanations for all their changes, and riot employees post here about stuff... blizzard has ONE informal post per 2 or 3 weeks on their forums about balance. Which they do not discuss anything with anyone, they just post and never reply to any comments. Even looking at hearthstone its not much better. Won't get into it too much, but who would have actually thought a 1 mana 3/2, summon a 1/1 with charge would be balanced? So ya, just impressed so far and having a good time in league. Started playing in patch 6.10, not too too long ago. Thanks riot
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