I mained ADC for the longest time, but what's the point anymore

I played from about season 3- 5, quit for a while, and just recently came back. I feel like as an adc I have no impact until I have at least 3 items. Here is why this is toxic for the game. 1. It's nearly impossible to play from behind as an adc, because you literally do no damage 2. You get one shot by just about anyone, and often times there is NO counterplay at all, except if you burn flash and heal. (sometimes this isn't even enough if a Kayn, Zed, etc. ults you) 3. The new bounty system is even more unhealthy for an adc, because cs adds bounty. How do we play from behind? 4. I came back and one of the first games I played as adc I tried buying a Banshee's Veil, because that used to be a must. Now the only MR options are a Spirit Visage or Maw, which don't do much to mitigate burst. 5. Anyone that builds a Duskblade by 15 minutes will kill you the rest of the game, and there is no counterplay. This is literally so bad. I played a traditional bot lane (adc and support) against a Pyke/Zoe bot, accidentally got hit by Zoe's sleep at level 1, and before I could move I was dead.
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