Every ability needs a drawback

Its extremely unfair that yi just vanishes off the map for 6 seconds. Its entirely unfair that Nunu's ult slows you down and does half your HP. Its r%%%%%edly unfair that fizz can just dodge Karthus's ult with his E. Its pretty unfair that Riven can blast out a giant cone of death that goes six miles even after you've escaped her normal range. Its an Abomination unto god that Neeko has a snare that goes thru wave and lasts longer than Morganna's Q. About half of the characters in this game have some bullshit ability that does 99999999 damage and/or lets them escape/engage without any of the normal consequences that the game normally has with these kinds of abilities. Most of these are basic abilities (QWE) but there are some ults that do it too. The problem with most of these is that it doesnt have any real penalty for the user other than just being in combat. Riot needs to start adding drawbacks to abilities that aren't just Mana or Cooldowns. Those aren't drawbacks if i can build around them, they need something that will fuck them over if not done right, be it positioning or some debuff that occurs after use, you can't just blast a 900 damage cannon and walk away before its even hit its target. An example of how to do this would be adding a global delay after an Ez ult that prevents him from using any other spells ( i dont have a problem with Ezreal funnily enough) Something needs to be done about stuff like Quinns movement speed or Twitch's Invis and ult ranges. Theres a lot of stupid stuff that warrents no danger of anyone sufficiently fed to use. A Fizz diving a 1v5 shouldn't be able to walk out with 2 kills safely.

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