Tanks irrelivant now?

I am not sure myself, but I have been playing for a while mainly tank champions with some bruisers or fighters on the side. I love the feeling of protecting my backline at performing plays that cause people to target me allowing my backline to destroy them or the other way around. Recently however even if I do really well as a tank I can't help my team, I haven't seen that many changes to tanks but they seem to be a lot worse at the moment especially against adc as they have ridiculous armour shred at the moment. In one of my recent games, I was frontlining my team protecting them, then the adc engaged on me and shredded me in about the same time as it took to kill another player, I went almost full armour, used stoneplate and as Poppy had my shield up, my allies came in and I was nearly already dead. I am quite a low level player but I was wondering if we could try and address a balance for tanks because right now even when I am doing amazing trying to carry my team I am destroyed, top or support. Especially top. :(
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