Plants that disappear

So i'm sure many of you are aware that plants have a little icon in the mini map that shows where each specific plant will be spawning or has already spawned but one thing that really irritates me and i think should be fixed is when the plant is in fog but you can still see it (because they aren't hidden in fog) but when you go over into the river for example to use a honey fruit but find out it's not there anymore. It's not the fact that i missed it to someone else it's just it still shows it's there. I know it's somewhat similar to Ivern's passive groves and red and blue buff icons in both jungles but there's an important difference between seeing the icon for blue/red and Ivern's passive to the plants. That being that you don't actually have true sight of the spawns or groves. But with plants you can see them even if you're not actually right next to them. So i think there should be an update for this. Either make it so that you can't see the plants while they're in fog or just make it so that it doesn't completely bait you to wasting your time to walk over to any of the plants only to find out that they're not actually there.

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