Wukong and the jungle

I'm not great at the game by any means, but I do love Wukong and I hear he may be gifted with a rework by this year end. With that said, the year end is a long ways away. Currently I feel like Wu isn't fantastic top lane, he gets countered hard by a long list of champs. Mainly because his sustain is lacking (like there is none). Luckily though, I don't really play him there often. Enter mid; mid lane wu can be a great counter pick to many champs, but his role in the mid lane is very niche. So where does that leave? The jungle! Yay for Silver league, I can get away with this here. I play Wu mainly in the jungle and only Wu. I've racked up quite a few games on him and somewhere in between come up with a minor buff I feel could help him quite a bit. What if his clone lasted just a touch longer? .5/1 second longer? Not the invisibility, I think that's fine as is. Just the clone itself. If Wu could tank just a hit or two extra off the jungle camps with his clone, his first clear would be exceptionally more healthy creating a jungle that can compete with the meta more reliably. I don't feel this would break him and give him some kind of ivern level jungle clear, but he sure would be able to do something about those early invades (Lee, Kha, Graves, Elise). As well, he could stay out a bit longer before his first back and even gank a time or two more. As it is the monkey is just sub par to other jungles due to lacking innate sustain. The clone is great for tanking two hits, but would it break him if it tanked 3 or 4? Another idea I've had that would be great for laning as well as jungle, if his decoy healed him based on units hit. I don't know the numbers but something scaling like 10 health per unit the decoy hits instead of lasting longer? Just a thought. Thanks for reading!
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