I'd Like To Thank The Balancing Team

I was having a problem with skipping school, calling off friends/work, telling my boss to schedule me less hours just so I could stay at home and play League. I was very obsessed with League during season 7, even though Ardent Censor was not fun to play with. But now, I am not even obsessed with League anymore. I have been going to every college class, been taking my time doing my homework, working more hours at my job, going to the gym more, playing less games that I used to, and most importantly, ive been spending less money on the game. So thank you Riot Balancing team, you finally have broken my habit of this game. I used to be obsessed with it, but now I dread playing the game and try to distract myself from playing another game. Just need to wait for this game to become like SWTOR, where theres only a few thousand players. So I can finally uninstall the game.

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