I absolutely love the current game flow, BUT....

Ah, we all know these kinds of sentences that come with that infamous "but", eh? I'm going to be honest, I'm really enjoying the current preseason as the game flow feels a lot better now. Laning phase is longer, actually winning it means something, tower gold, dragon gold and lower objective timers make for a more fast-paced, dynamic experience and the games closing out faster makes it easier to enjoy the game before moving on to the next match. It's pretty bloody great and the rune stat changes make certain champions feel a lot better too. #BUT The way the game's played out on a micro level just feels terrible at time. The macro experience is superb as objective play and rotations are rewarded but on the micro level the game's still, and maybe even more, all about DAMAGE. It's through the roof and it does drain the strategic aspect out of a game that's actually got a lot of it going for it already. It's not just overwhelming burst but certain champions' DPS just becomes BPS, but that might just be me being everything BUT a fan of stuff like {{item:3124}}, but moving on. The problem is that while strategic play is rewarded in the grand scheme of things, most interactions rely simply on dumping as much damage as possible on some fool and winning off that, which is, and excuse my french, Funky Bullshrimp. What Riot needs to do is trim away excessive damage without sacrificing the game's current momentum and the way it's played out. Which is easier said than done but it's what they should strive to achieve by doing systematic changes rather than nerfing a few outliers. Just my two cents on the meta right now, I enjoy it a lot but it might also be me usually playing with friends right now.
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