lets have a look at all the 6300 IP champs that have been nerfed into a state of perpetual trash

{{champion:429}} : no context needed here, she's been garbage since 2 months after release. {{champion:268}} : this one hurts the most. his kit has been repeatedly gutted. the only people who make him work are in the top 0.01% of players {{champion:150}} : same circumstances as the other 2, nerfed repeatedly, and now suffers for being squishy half the time in a game where everyone has 100-0 kill potential after 1 or 2 items {{champion:201}} : repeatedly nerfed to "balance out" the strength of his shield. also suffering in the current meta thanks to support item nerfs. {{champion:421}} : base stats nerfed into the dirt along with multiple nerfs to her other abilities. only good if she gets fed early or builds extremely tanky {{champion:223}} : deserves everything he got. definitely the only champ i would legitimately say is pure unadulterated cancer. {{champion:136}} : nerfed for his "high winrate" despite only having a less than 1% pickrate across all games played. {{champion:163}} : nerfed for being a good pick in mid, then nerfed for being a good pick in jungle. i personally never really got why she was nerfed, it's hard to make her work and takes a lot of forethought and planning. {{champion:203}} : absolutely gutted for being too good at jungle. nerfed to the point where it's a borderline troll pick. now, why am i listing these champions? although many of them were problematic at release, i can promise you they were never anywhere near as problematic as {{champion:145}}(best adc for a year now) {{champion:157}} (only needs 2 items to be at 100% crit and instantly become a problem no matter how hard he was pooped on in lane) {{champion:555}} (insane self sustain and aoe execute that gifts gold to anyone nearby, has been this way for a year too.) {{champion:235}} (normally i'd cut her some slack considering she's a new champ, but everyone on pbe was voicing their concerns about how good she was and how she's gonna be a problem) {{champion:497}} (good early damage, knockup, and extremely safe in general) {{champion:412}} (consistently one of the best supports immune to nerfs for almost 5 years now) {{champion:236}} (breaks botlane every season since release considering riot's love for on hit passives) and these are ONLY the 6300 ip champions. i could continue going down the list and find dozens of more examples of riot's clear favoritism.
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