If you were hired by Riot, what would be the first thing you would do?

Like, would you create a new champion? Or a new rune, or mastery? Mine would be- to find a concept that would help people who have permanent bans get their accounts back, but have to go through a prestigious amount of work to get it. It won't be easy but they would have to show that they can reform. Because, in my opinion, how strict they are in not giving anyone a chance to get their account unbanned is way too mean. Otherwise, I would like to bring back the Spellvamp concept in items. Going SV Morgana was my favorite build with Will of the Ancients and the other items to stack on her passive. One Q and bam I could heal over half my health while dealing a lot of damage. I also would fire CertainlyT, and bring back Team Builder. That sounds perfect to me, lol. What would you want to do, or create?
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