Which Mordekaiser bugs should riot work on fixing

Ok I’ve been playing ALOT of Mordekaiser and I hate some of the bugs such a w on hitting 2 enemies and the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER IS when fiora is doing her w so all attacks get parried but if you ult her as Mordekaiser while she’s doing this not only is the damage from the ult blocked THE ENTIRE ULTIMATE IS ERASED so the damage and the chance to get a ghost because the effect is gone also I hate it when you ult cho gath and he dies but losses all the ult stacks because your entire team focuses cho and like 3 people die to the 10k has cho gath and his ult like 1 shots and all I get from the kill is a tiny cho with like 2k hp WHICH IS JUST #triggered same thing with veigar and anyone else with stuff like that it’s just so stupid

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