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Hey guys, I know i'm not the first one to talk about how support currently is the least liked role by far, but for me as a support main it's nevertheless a pity. On the one hand, i'm glad that my role is really uncontested and that my average queue time is laughable, but on the other hand, it's painful to see just how much supports are neglected. I'm here to propose some ways to make the role I love so much attractive and maybe get some feedback from you guys: **1. Make Supports cheaper** Riot already officially talked about how to make people more interested in the role by introducing more supports in every free rotation, and that very much amused me for several reasons: first, people who play any champ for the first time will almost indubitably play beyond average, which decreases the amount of fun one can draw out of the experience by a lot. Second, people who aren't supporters but forced into the role will usually resort to comfort carry picks like zyra, karma or brand ( more about that later ).third, one week is surely not enough to make people appreciate something that is so usually distinct from the other roles, for example not farming, warding etc. . these are several reasons why one week or even a whole month of additional rotation supports is not enough. that's how we come to my proposal: make supports cheaper. I'm not talking about item builds, but RP / IP costs. The most fun, skill-based and unique supports out there ( just to name a few: Braum, Tresh, Lulu, Bard, Tahm...) are all 6300 IP, and it's gonna take a few years before their prices will be reduced. I don't want to convince riot to hand their latest support champs out for free, that would be cowardly, but I rather see them be in a much closer reduction schedule in comparison to the other champs. I often see people who are like "Sure, I played a bit of Nami and I like her, but why should I consider saving up IP for her if I get zed or yasuo(examples for more rewarding and "cool" champs) for the same price?" **2. Nerf carry supports** Of course carry supports are an integral part of league of legends and are especially useful if you don't trust your adc, but it shouldn't be a regular pick if you want to win. How is it fair that the Vel'koz support has the most damage at the end of the game? Adding another carry to the team is powerful, but i doubt it's what the role was intended for. Utility should always be more valued than damage on a support, so carrying with a Blitzcrank or Janna is a lot more difficult, but it should reap better rewards. Sadly, I haven't come up with an good way to reduce the damage output of those in any way without either affecting every other carry or the support role alltogether ( f.e. starving the supports of gold so they can't buy damage items like Liandry's torment might sound like an idea, but it would affect item-dependent supports like taric or soraka too) except for one thing, which would be to reduce or just completely remove the bonus damage on spellthief's edge (so the trading potential is decreased but the gold income is still the same). I would very much appreciate any additional ideas about that topic. **3. Acknowledgement** I know most people in the post-game screen will switch over to the charts to see their damage output, and every support will look at their bar and say "sigh, just like every time." Acknowledgement is an important psychological aspect of a role, but I not here to talk about how players should stop abusing supports and appreciate their work, but rather how the client shows you with numbers and statistics that you did something besides not farming. Sure there are several ( even if rarely used) charts which especially inflict supports like healed, damage taken, wards placed, destroyed etc. , but there is so much things unmentioned. I'd like to see an additional " Shields given" chart for every janna main out there to brag about, or maybe a "cc" chart where you could say "holy, that leona held them down for ages", but sadly I think people wouldn't look at them either. when looking at the graphs and charts I'd rather like to see something like an performance chart ( kind of like the grading system for mastery) rather than the damage graph, which would stop carries only comparing themselves but instead looking at the big picture and seeing " damn, that Alistar did some work, maybe he carried botlane "( or something like that, this is basically wish-fulfillment for me). **4. Introduce people to the role** I always wanted riot to release basic tutorials for every role ( like they're kinda doing right now with the top lane week), because it would help first-timers to prepare for their job and give a nice orientation for people who are looking for a specific role. I often hear from my partner ( midlane yasuo main, obviously), that supports have an easy role because they don't have to farm and have less impact on the game than most carries ( or carry-supports) , something for players who have no mechanics and can't carry on their own. I cannot deny that this is (occasionally) the case, but that doesn't mean that the support role is something for imcompetent fools. One can easily identify a good support by several traits which are overshadowed by their adc's kill streak: proper warding, pre-hitting on minions, wave control,pinging, calling out summoner spells and ability cooldowns, global map awareness etc. All I want is an tutorial video that tells people "maybe you're not a faker who can easily outplay everyone, but your compassion and ability of supporting someone can and will be rewarded in the support role !" I know there's a certain psychological component that creates a rift between "i'm carrying" and "I'm doing my best so my team can carry" , but I think every one has the ability to be a good utility support once he understands what to do and why. I know, this is just some blabbering by an kinda frustrated support main, and I know most of the points i just made are maybe completely useless or cannot be implemented, but I hope for some honest opinions and feedback from you guys. _Marshad_
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