How should a MOBA be structured?

Riot is in the spotlight, Jason Gastrow, Videogamedunkey recently quit league. I'm sure all of you know this, and if you don't let me tell you that he did. Dunkey was a great comedian, probably the best one who ever played league. He may not be Faker of Xpeke or Dyrus, but to me he was the soul of league. Dunkey did not only play league, he said league stopped being fun, around the same time that Riot was dropping the lore left and right. Please put the six wizards back, I have no clue how the nexus crystal floats anymore. Dunkey kept going because he was committed to his fans(I have him whitelisted). _** "Professional League is ten people who all know what they're doing. Real league is 3 people trying to play the game and 7 retards."**_ Yes some games there are only 2 or 3 retards, but that 0/12/2 kha zix is not helping. Although the reason for his ban was just, the lack of support he was given, or how heavily he was ignored was irrational. If I am wrong please send me a message back Phreak. Now Riot Games has to cope with that. One-for-All I personally see as a gambit to get Dunkey back. Yeah sure it was a blast, but ya don't say something to 3,586,240+ people and go back on it. I don't think Riot should go back on what league used to be; I think that taking ashe top should not get you reported unskilled(Last game I went 7/6/7 and I rarely play ashe). Taking any champ in any lane should not be an only in private customs experience. You should be able to try singed mid and not get hated on. Grabbing a catalyst for RoA first back on an APC should not be off limits(you would be surprised how helpful this is in lane). If you need mana + AP + and little tank, its nice. So over the past month I went off and played Hero of the Storm(I wonder if I was affected by Dunkey, YES.). Loads of strategy and teamwork, just like what it feels league has become. Fun alone, will play another game if with friends. In general meh. BUT having multiple maps that were worth playing(Dominion, Treeline), and not luck based(Aram), is nice. The different maps and the strong jungle is really different. Taking a camp requires at least 2 people even if you are in late game. Oh and feeding does not make you lose. A large problem with MOBAs is that you can go 25/0/5 and lose. Sucks a ton when you do that not as yi or riven or any champ you (should)hate. Turrets vs Kills, not that fun because some games drag on because death timers are just not long enough. So point 1: Death timers should be along the lines of: Lv + Minutes + Kills + Assists/2 - Deaths/2 seconds This is just an idea. But the timers need to be changed to reflect the actions of the current game. A feeder noob should not spend as much time dead as someone you have been trying to kill all game. When you make that yi die for the first time and it is 30 minutes thru, it feels good. So if you are 1/7/8 at 20 minutes and Lv 9, supposing you just died your timer is 9 + 20 + 1 + 8/2 - 7/2 or 30.5 seconds. Sounds like a lot but being able to pull of baron sooner makes the game more exciting shorter. I have not heard someone be happy that a game has gone on for an hour or more. By shortening the death timers the game becomes more exciting, and shorter. And if you are carrying your team, your team feels your death too. If you have 20 kills, your timer is 20 seconds longer. ---- So, pretty much every MOBA or FPS for that matter has been 2 teams and a few Death matches. A 3 team map for league (3v3v3 or 4v4v4) would possibly work: Hexakill had 12 players, Riot clearly can support that many people in one game, and so can your computers. Now, a 3 team map mean that it would have to have one of these two: 3 of each buff Unequal distribution of buffs(an APC with red is not that good) including possibly the boss monster which for the sake of this I'll use Roshan. Point 2, two parts: A: FFA playing a league of legends Killfest where every time you died you can get 1 item, or just high gold/10 to being with. Where it is just 5-10 people all trying to rack up the most kills. Like timed mode in Smash, but without the smash, just the bash. Having this as a special event I think would be cool as heck, just being able to brawl in epic melee with some random characters(uh, Karthus is not perma banned, right?) the random character from Aram, but you just rack up kills, and of course the winner gets an IP bonus, along with #2. B: 3 teams, League has quite the opportunity to have cool things like this we have been offered these things for a couple weeks and then seen them disappear (hopefully not)forever. Please tell me a MOBA that has 3 teams and queue times less than ranked dominion(about 25 minutes, or the length of a long Heroes of the Storm game). In Urf the game was altered to extremes but (at least a lot of people)everyone loved it. The sheer Idea of fighting with blue team against red team, but then turning your back on them to finish them off. The Idea that you can take someone's nexus, but the game not yet be over, and still having to defend your own. I'm sure that some champions would be really good in this mode(Azir) and others would be useless or will endanger themselves(Assassins), or have weird effects({{champion:201}} and {{champion:223}} passives). But making league 3d in this sense would be really cool. Even if it is just a seasonal thing(Harrowing, Urf, Winter stuff), this would kick ass. Being able to play with only 2 or 3 friends, yet still be a full team and be allowed to screw around, and not have to play the Treeline. Imagine having to share 2 reds and 2 blues between 3 teams, 12/4=3, if every third player gets a buff, 1 team has 2, 9/4 still, one team has 2 or even 3 buffs. And if one team had Roshan(It's pretty good) buff the other 2 can team up, but have to watch out cause one will backstab. No matter whether it is just an yearly event or a permanent game mode I really want to 3 teams fighting for victory. However you spin it, trying out a new thing is cool, you proved something, or refused to let one game prove something. Whatever it is, you probably made the right choice for you. Too bad we don't all work at Riot. ---- "Please leave the queue, I don't wanna play a game with this trash picking bard(or Insert non-meta tank champ here) top" OK, it is one thing if your LP is gonna drop because you have a person 1st timing something in your promos. But in normal or draft let it slide. If someone is doing something unusual think about these: A: Can you survive without having a meta-tank? B: Can your ADC/APC get 1 item that has health? C: If you do that do you expect to but ridiculed? D: If you do that do you want to be ridiculed? **DO NOT SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR ANSWERS** E: Why do you care? Isn't {{item:3157}} a useful item that makes you more tanky, and harder to kill? What about {{item:3116}} that's some nice hp there, If a thornmail is allowed why not get Zz'rot instead? On a side not: With zz'rot when placed right(behind either pit), you can ward red, and krugs and top/bot lane. If you answered yes to A&B and no to C&D then I'm not talking about you, but if you answered no to A or B, then listen, or read here: If sejuani is your APC and she goes 15/1 do you mind? And if your APC is 15/1 do you care who they are? (Supposing they are not skilled KSers) If your tank is Vi, or is only an off-tank, It is still not game over. That Xin on the other team takes no damage, but only has 2.5k hp. The off-tank a category commonly confused with tank, is really the CC heavy Fighters and mages. And many champions can be turned into one. Cho'gath and Singed, Darius and Vi are a few examples but really anyone can be played as a tank. Some characters are out right bad tanks, but when the 4k hp {{champion:84}} dashes infront of you to tank a {{champion:51}} ult, you don't care. You just got your ass saved by tank {{champion:84}}. You may have wanted {{champion:201}} to step in front of you, BUT YOU DON'T CARE AT THE MOMENT. You lived that's all that matters until that special tank says something in chat, and you get pissed. It may be a bad choice to go tank with her, but if that is the only way out of a game, do it and you _Deserve_ honors just for being able to (wo)man up enough to do it. Point 3: Meta is whatever the **_FUGK_** you make of it. Please join me _Fazemlgcodplayer_ and choose poorly and pick off meta, but if you are doing something that might offend someone, do it for a positive reason(not being toxic/trolling). BARD ADC IS NOT TROLLING. He may be an awful choice, but unless you feed, and expect/plan to, or don't attempt to cs it is not trolling. You are trying, it is not ranked, you are fine. Making smurfs too me, unless you play customs harmful. When you step into a game get First blood then roam for the rest of the game, just killing people, not even trying for towers, its an insult. I hope everyone who has a smurf for anything other then being able to play with friends on a different continent, has had this happen to them. My very 1st game of league: my mid, Zed goes 31/0/2 our team had 33 kills. Zed was the 2nd champ I bought. Turns out I can't play assassins, so oops. I'm sure you would rather level up your smurfs with friends than by yourself. League with friends is worth playing all night, and day. But by myself after one loss I'm done. Remember Tank meta? Those days were great, right? Where the game was balanced? Making it nigh impossible to get fed as a not tank is a shame on Riot's behalf. I saw {{champion:11}} Literally struggling to reach the standard 10/1 or 10/2 Then came Juggernauts: Revival of the Tanks. _Before they were even dead_ Fortunately the game has been changing faster than people are reacting(at my elo) so the effect of last patch started hitting 2 days ago. This spiral needs to stop with some major rethinking at Riot, which is why I write this. Once upon a time, {{champion:122}} was just another champ, now his ult is never on CD. If {{champion:31}} Ult was like this, the he would be common too, and his w might be fixed(please don't fix it, I think I have it mastered.): think this thru Deal 300+2/3AP true damage to champ, if killed heal for 120/150/180, and add that much to your max hp(if you have less than 6 stacks) vs Kill people you have already given hemorrhages too by dunking them with a backboard. and then asking "So what did you master, Yi, Sucking?" Being able to add up to 720 hp, which will take at least 3 minutes give or take, and 600 mana. Thankfully this patch they fixed it a little. or BOGO or as many as you can get free on your ult. {{champion:122}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:117}} Those are all meta Champs but playing by the meta as a team, means that you have to play by the rules of the meta. Which anyone can substitute for their own. Letting meta be what you want lets you fugk around, and lets you play ADCs top, and Bruisers mid. Let your APC be your jungler, go for 2 junglers is your up for it. SFrotF, Thanks

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