OK , Now I'm going to spit all over the LoL players , members , Riot and others.... "I am solid player , playing from December 2012 (not on this account , and i have a proof) , playing every weak around 20 hours , from that date , sometimes had a break of not more than 1 month. So overall very experienced player , we agree?" Now , PATCH 5.16 = horrible sh1t (sry for bad term) is happening!!!! , and great game IMBALANCE !!!! In a sea of bad patches , this is the worst , and drop that overflowing the glass. I can understand that this game is free to play , but from now ill rather pay to play some better game than this immoral game. I did not payed RP all this time , i played for free so i cant regret money , but for sure ill REGRET time i spent over this game. PS. FU , Darius you overpowered retard , and all Riot employers that worked on his BUFF , all along with his all main NERDS.
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