As a high elo Yasuo Main buffing Yasuo is mistake

HE IS IN NO WAY SHAPE FORM OR EVEN HYPOTHESIS A WEAK CHAMPION CURENTLY He is viable in 3 FKING DIFFERENT LANES ADC yasuo is curently one of the most underated strategies in a game (HI fleet footwork buff) And now this buff? **+20 Q damage +200 range ulti +buffed MR** All because immense skillcap champ doesnt have 50% winrate? You know its bad when yasuo main doesnt want yasuo buff... I ll accept the free Challenger if he gets buffed, or not .. we all know he ll be 100% pick or bann if this goes through Yes the Fervor removal hurt him Yes the fact that almost every single keystone is designed in just correct way so yasuo cant abuse it HURT HIM (Wish they did same to ez) - But yasuo deserved this nerf as he was OP - Press the attack is subpar since he switches targets - Lethal tempo decays in just right time so he cant airblade with 1 as item - Fleet footwork gives Ms which he doesnt really need + scales with firecanon which he doesnt build (best option imo) - Grasp has that initial cd - Klepto gives mana pots yay! - He isnt a great jungler so fk Dark harvest (WHICH IS a separate issue, Dark harvest is joke in lane) - Electrocute is just cute thats it.. It is clear as fk that keystones were designed in a precise way so yasuo cant abuse them. Funny how they couldnt do the same with Ezreal Its not even cute when Ezreal abuses something Riot clearly thinks its ok for him to consistently abuse How many challenger yasuo players there are? A bunch Now lets take a look at volibear,Garen, most of juggernauts 0 even master mains 10/10 rito I bet their next Idea ll be to buff the remaining non tier under 0 (-4) ADC so that he can join an ADC OVERLORD PARTY while other classes suffer
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