I managed to climb from literal bronze 5 to gold 5 in 4 months. Here are some tips on how.

Here's my profile, http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=SeductiveCelery I'm here to say its at least possible to get out of the depths. I know I'm not like faker or anything but still I think some people could use some motivation/advice. General tips: [+] Do not flame. Especially in lower elos, people either don't give a shit about anything they are doing, or they rage on the slightest insult. From personal experience, flaming and being toxic to people only results in them either griefing or playing worse. Remember, if you flame the trolls, you are mentally letting them win. [+] If in lower bronze, try to one/two trick champions. Mastering the way of a specific champion and knowing their strengths and weakness' in every matchup is extremely valuable, and you don't get the same knowledge by playing some 80 different champs. For me, I one tricked illaoi and jumped some 5 divisions in 3 weeks. Its very valuable to find the champion that "clicks" with you and you find fun. [+] Objectives > kills. In lower elos, even I got in the mindset that kills contribute the most to wins, this isn't necessarily true. Remember, having 3 infernal drakes and baron will help you get more kills in the long run then having 6 more kills total. [+] Don't be afraid to be a leader. Seriously. If you can manage to have a big impact on fights or are fed, teams will generally do as you request. I.e "Hey lets try and flank, get a good teamfight, then baron. We can secure a win" or "Let me flash + r for a good engage, win the teamfight, and then we can close" stuff like that can give some connection in the end goal and how to do it, and I've seen countless games be thrown from nonexistent/shitty leadership skills. [+] Guides are your friend. Off meta stuff is fun, but sometimes not the most powerful. To get the highest carrying capacity I personally recommend to see what's working for others. Whether it be in video or op.gg form, you can learn both what and how to use the playstyle. Feel free to ask me on any more specific things that I did to climb!
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